The school logo is the official seal of the school. It captures the identity and philosophy of the institution. Every detail of the logo makes meaningful representation of what the school believes in and stands for.

The CROSS gives the identity that BPS is a Catholic school.

The CHURCH at the center shows that BPS is the evangelizing arm of the church. Religion therefore is the core of its curriculum. The image of the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY in its center symbolizes that Mary is the school patroness, its model, guide and inspiration. MARIAN BLUE and WHITE is the school color.

OPEN BOOK symbolizes both education and Bible; the two basic foundation of the existence of the school. The open book signifies that BPS welcomes boys and girls and even the poor or non-Catholics without discrimination and boundaries.

LAUREL LEAVES symbolizes excellence. SCALLOPED EDGES in a circle means that education is an ever changing and a never-ending process. 1988 the founding year of the school