A relevant, transformative Catholic school Community in joyful mission in with home and parish.


We are wholeheartedly committed to:

  1. Promotion of devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary;
  2. Formation of families;
  3. Relevance of curriculum attuned with 21st century education;
  4. Promotion of the integrity of creation;
  5. Enhancement of parish involvement;
  6. Service for the poor;
  7. Deeper appreciation and witnessing of Catholic and Filipino values;
  8. Collaboration toward viability of resources.


  1. To use experiential approaches that will allow students to witness in their daily life His dynamic love of God; the sense of personal worth and respect for other preferential option for the poor that will enable them to relate harmoniously and effectively with their family, school, church and country as a whole.
  2. To enrich the individual lives of students through an appreciation of the Filipino heritage and love what is just, true and noble.
  3. To manifest in students intellectually curiosity, analytical and logical thinking and develop interest and attitude necessary to succeed in college and choose a career wisely.
  4. To demonstrate academic excellence, skills, habit, and desirable value in students that will enable them to meet the demands of the changing society.
  5. To help the students identify their vocational interest and develop in them to become worthy and effective members of home and community.
  6. To help students discover and enhance their unique talents and skills for productive endeavors and thus, prepare them for work in the real world and/or to prepare them for further formal studies in higher education.
  7. To help students develop physical fitness, discipline and endurance in their day to day life.