Bicutan Parochial School, is a school of the Parish of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, it is therefore a Catholic, Filipino and parochial school situated in Lower Bicutan, Taguig City serving Filipino students coming mostly from the different barangay in Lower Bicutan and neighboring residential subdivisions. It is a Catholic school for it shares the task of spreading the Gospel and witnessing to Christ’s presence in the world. It is a Filipino school for aims to serve the needs of the Philippine society, principally the need for the development and reform in the light of the Gospel. It is a parochial school for it aims to translate the mission of the parish which is to be united in the spirit of love and brotherhood, thus becoming real followers of Jesus Christ.
Before, what was located on this major route from Pateros to Bagumbayan was a vacant lot about 1,642 sq. meters overlooking the placid Laguna Lake. In view of the following desire, the said lot which was formerly a public park, erected a new parish church beside it, was building serving the community’s cursillo house.
Its primary objective was to become a venue for carrying public welfare-oriented projects and to be better serve and moral uplifting of the community. Later on in the year 1988, feeling the urgent need for educational program, the Parish of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary committed herself in putting up a school, which will become a venue in the Christian formation and development of the total person, thus making them fully human, community, and country.
And on February 22, 1988, the cursillo house of the parish was converted into a school building with five classrooms accommodating the first 150 students, with 7 faculty members, 2 office workers, a principal and with the parish priest then as the school director.

Basically, Bicutan Parochial School shall operate under the following objectives:

1. To extend the mission of the church to young people and enhance the community involvement on parish activities.

2. To address the problem of parents who had to send their children to Catholic schools in other towns.

3. To accommodate public elementary graduates in Bicutan and nearby communities who wish to enroll in a Catholic School. Bicutan Parochial School earned its Government Recognition (S-011) in 1993.

School Directors