Center for Christian Formation – The Center for Christian formation are integrally designed to help Personnel, Students and Parents acquire a personal integration of faith and life. This integration is part of a lifelong process of conversion until they become what God wants them to be.

The Process/Focus and Different areas includes:

  1. proclaiming the Good News (Religious Education Ministry)
  2. witnessing the Faith (Pastoral Ministry)
  3. engaging in the dialogue of life (Campus Ministry and Family & Life)


  1. To foster the integral personal and spiritual growth of the academic community through the sacraments and liturgical celebrations
  2. To empower the academic community as disciples of Jesus Christ through membership on the different Ministries/Organization of the Parish
  3. To draw the school community to active and responsible participation in the life, mission and work of Christ and His Church by sharing their gifts becoming ministers to / for others.


  1. To express and share the value of Faith fostered in the Catholic learning community through involvement in campus ministry
  2. To develop a meaningful and transformative spiritual life that informs and forms the school community as servant leaders and professionals through:
  3. School wide sacramental and liturgical celebrations:

First Friday Mass

Class Mass

Morning Mass

Sunday Mass

Feast Days




First Communion

  • Community and faith building activities:

     Youth Camp

     Attendance on the different Catholic Organizations Events and Worship Services

     Special Formation Talks (spiritual, catechetical and advocacy talks)

     School Basic Ecclesial Communities

     Youth Camp

     Attendance on the different Catholic Organizations Events and Worship Services

     Special Formation Talks (spiritual, catechetical and advocacy talks)

     School Basic Ecclesial Communities

  • Retreats and Recollection

    Employees Annual Retreat

    Grade 7- 11 Whole Day Developmental Retreat

    Grade 10 & 12  – 3 Days and 2 Nights Retreat                                                                                                       

    Advent , Lent and Marian Recollections

The Second Vatican Council declared that what makes the Catholic school distinctive is its religious dimension, and that this is to be found in a) the educational climate, b) the personal development of the members of the community, c) the synthesis of culture and Faith and synthesis of Faith and Life, and d) the illumination of all knowledge in the light of Faith.



1. To promote faith-life, integration on the personal and communal levels towards experiencing fullness of life

2. To advocate lifestyles coherent with the Gospel values of simplicity, humility and stewardship

3. To reinforce the values of hope and joy in God’s providence and defeat the paralyzing, effects of cynicism and despair

4. To deepen awareness on pressing issues calling for Christian engagement, discernment and appropriate individual / communal action


1. CONSCIENTICIZATION: deepens the understanding of social teachings of the Church and Christian responsibilities in the light of socio-economic, political, cultural and environmental realities affecting the Church.

2. SOCIAL EXPOSURE: calls for awareness and dialogue of life with the least, lost and last through immersion in different sectors of institutions.

3. SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT: experiences and involves the academic community as God’s stewards towards a more meaningful dialogue of life and critical, reflective discernment and response to socio-political and environmental issues.



1. To teach the academic community in the light of Catholic Doctrine

2. To deepen understanding and experience of Catholic worship

3. To form the conscience of the individual that springs forth from appreciating and trusting the Catholic Church’s moral teachings

4. To provide an integrated, authentically Filipino and Gospel centered Religious Education that moves and challenges the individual to mission and service

Center for Christian Formation plan/s and program/s under new normal (while face to face is not allowed)

1.  Online Eucharistic Celebration

       > First Friday Mass

       > Sunday Mass

       > Feast Days

       > Thanksgiving/Baccalaureate Mass

2. Formation Program

           > Kasambuhay Formation Series (Quarterly Online formation program for Parents)

           > Online Recollection/Retreat via Zoom and FB live

           > Live Rosary

           > Formation Program for Employees

3. Parish Involvement

            > Crossposting of all the Parish Activities

            > Senior High School Parish Involvement

                     Online Activities (Grade 11: 15 hours / Grade 12: 30hours)

4. Ministry of Presence

             >VBEC: Virtual Basic Ecclesial Community

             >BPSIAN: HANAP, USAP & PRAY

Creation of FB Page, Messenger and separate sim card that will allow our students to message their concern such as Counseling/ Faith/ Life/Morality/ Mental Health

5. Social Service and Advocacy

> Huwag Kang Magnanakaw Advocacy T-Shirt